updated last on 8/22/19

stop saying ayesha is coming back to music when she obviously doesnt want to do that
stop posting old/leaked/any photos of her! shes stated many times how much she hates it and yet theres still 100s of photos of her getting posted on instagram
you ppl dont even consider her as a person and its sick!! leave her the hell alone and shut up and find some other artists to listen @ u instagram/twitter stan d*mbasses

she seems to still be producing for thatkid and slayyyter (& petey plastic but.... lol) so just wait for those you invasive b*tches

if u want smthing to fill the void... check out these artists





nadia oh

amber beotch (lol)

slayyyter (ik)

beverly hills mom



anyone thatll make u weirdos focus on smthing else.....

now leave ayesha the fuck alone!